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It’s Easy to Acclimate to Your New Dentures

February 22, 2022

A beautiful and confident smile can improve your outlook on life. You’re quicker to grin and have pride in your appearance. If you and your dentist decide that full or partial dentures are the best way to restore your oral health and functionality, it will probably take you a bit of time to get used to wearing them. 

At the office of Valstad Dental, our elite team of dental professionals has the ability, focus and flexibility to demonstrate unparalleled expert knowledge. Our high-tech, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment gives us an overall view of the health of every aspect of your mouth, natural teeth and dentures. We welcome patients of all ages!

Full dentures take the place of all of your upper and/or lower teeth. But for patients with only gaps in their teeth, partial dentures are the way to go. They can hold on to your natural teeth with metal clasps or meticulousness supplements.

Once your new dentures are in your mouth, you’ll follow the dentist’s aftercare directives and go through an adjustment period of a few weeks. A bit of discomfort and additional salivation are normal. But don’t hesitate to call your dentist if the tenderness or extra saliva doesn’t fade.

Everyday activities such as speaking and eating may take some getting used to. That’s why you should eat soft food, cut it into small pieces and gently chew on both sides of your mouth. Your new dentures may also pose some challenges when you speak, especially saying words with the letters “s” and “f.” Ways to perfect your speech include practicing speaking, reading out loud, talking slowly, and biting and swallowing before you say something. Chatting with a friend will make you feel more confident about how you sound. Before you know it, you will eat, smile, laugh and speak with ease and confidence.

When you need the services of a top-notch dentist, rely on Valstad Dental. All of our patients sense the quality of our care from the moment they step through our door. We consider every patient to be unique regarding his/her wants, needs and preferences. Please call us today. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to establish a long-lasting relationship.

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