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The Origins of Toothpaste

December 29, 2022

When you’re buying toothpaste, does it take you a while to decide which one to pick? If so, it’s probably because there are so many options from which to choose. But know that all of those fancy pastes and gels had humble beginnings. 

Your dental health affects how you live and enjoy your life. We at the office of Valstad Dental understand this and are here for you. Think of us as the gatekeepers of your oral healthcare team. We listen to your needs and collaborate with you to help your teeth, gums and every other aspect of your mouth stay healthy and keep them in their best shape.

Pioneering civilizations knew the importance of dental health. Egyptians began using a paste compound to clean their teeth as far back as 5000 BC. That was even before toothbrushes were invented! Ancient Roman, Greek, Chinese and Indian civilizations also came up with their own versions of toothpaste. The varieties of concoctions included crushed bones, ashes, pumice, oyster shells, powdered charcoal, bark, ginseng, herbal mints and salt.

Fast-forward to the 1800s, which is when Brits used toothpowder with soap, chalk and ground charcoal in their kinds of toothpastes. In 1873, Colgate began selling toothpaste in jars, and then, in the 1890s, in a tube. Fluoride was introduced in 1914. After 1945, soap was removed and replaced by other ingredients that made the paste smooth or creamy. 

In the second half of the 1900s, toothpastes were created to treat or prevent particular conditions such as tooth sensitivity. The toothpastes of today target everything from plaque, gingivitis and stains to tartar and cavities. Aren’t you glad that you live in a time when toothpaste has advanced beyond ashes, pumice, crushed bones and oyster shells?

When you need a dentist, the office of Valstad Dental is here to help. Your care and comfort are our top priorities. We will take the time to address your every concern and explain your options in care. For more information about our many services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for an appointment.

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